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Debating the Debate

During the debate last night, I jotted some notes, as usual. They’re available here, in a column. That column is titled “Two Men, Totally Different.” I believe that’s true, about Biden and Ryan. They are alike in that they’re politicians, at a very high level — the highest level, nearly. All such people have some things in common. Other than that — totally different.

My ultimate conclusion? I thought Biden was the north end of a horse going south. So rude and obnoxious, it canceled out whatever truthful or effective arguments he might have made. I thought Ryan was excellent — not uniformly so, but, overall, excellent. I believe I would think these things even if I were a liberal Democrat.

In my notes, I write, “I’m a conservative Republican, so what do I care [about Biden’s behavior]? But if I were a liberal Democrat, I’d be mortified. ‘This is the guy representing us?’”

I also say I can never tell what the public will think — I am at odds with the public a lot. (On politics, on music, on many things.) I can only say what I think, and even then I have to think about it . . . 


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