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Debbie Orin

My colleague Deborah Orin-Eilbeck died yesterday, at the horribly young age of 59. Debbie combined a hard-hitting professional style and a wonderfully straightforward personal style in a way that made her alternately hated by many of the people she covered, respected by many of the people who worked next to her in the White House press room, and beloved by her colleagues at the New York Post. We weren’t friends, we were only colleagues, and not very close colleagues at that. But Debbie was the sort of person who would offer you aid and comfort at a moment’s notice and also the sort of journalist who always asked the right question at the right moment. Her profession is the lesser for her parting. More important, though, she is someone who will be remembered with fondness for the remainder of their lives by literally hundreds upon hundreds of people she worked with, for, and beside. And that’s a pretty great monument.


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