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Debt Commission, Obamacare, and the GOP — a Question

I have a question for the house — meaning our house here, not that one on Capitol Hill.

Put aside what one may think of the Debt Commission. I am not a fan, but I certainly understand the instinct to see good in anything that looks like an adult effort to grapple with our dire straits. In any event, there is no gainsaying that Bowles/Simpson does not deal with Obamacare at all. Its measures and projections assume the existence of Obamacare, which — one would think — could go a long way toward cementing Obamacare.

So here’s my question (and I do not mean for it to be a loaded one; I seriously want to know the thoughts of people who know more about this stuff than I do): Is it serious for pro-Commission Republicans to claim that they also support the repeal of Obamacare? Does support for the Bowles/Simpson proposal undermine the commitment in the GOP’s “Pledge to America” to repeal (or “repeal and replace”) Obamacare?

I know Paul Ryan finds the failure to deal with Obamacare to be a key flaw in the Debt Commission proposal. (I agree, for what little that may be worth.) If an effort to repeal and replace Obamacare were really going to happen, would Rep. Ryan’s criticism be a good reason to reject the Debt Commission plan?


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