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Decision Time For The White House?

Senators McCain and Kennedy have confirmed that their long-anticipated immigration bill will be unveiled this week. This will present the president with something of a dilemma: He’s said several times that he’s waiting for a proposal to come out of Congress, rather prepared a detailed administration proposal (beyond the outline he presented last year). So, will he endorse the McCain/Kennedy bill or not? If he opposes it, he strengthens the hand of the tight-borders faction in Congress and makes it unlikely any kind of amnesty/guestworker bill will make progress (which, of course, would suit me fine); if he endorses it, he risks a “read my lips” blow-up in the GOP, given that he has repeatedly and forcefully opposed amnesty for illegals, and defined that as arranging for illegals to get permanent residence (which is what the McCain/Kennedy bill will do). The best option for the White House would be to do nothing and utter soothing banalities about “useful starting points” and “constructive debate.”


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