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Decisionmaking Guide on Defunding Amnesty

‐The only way for Republicans to block the president’s planned amnesty-by-executive order is to withhold funding for its implementation.

‐Republicans have yet to devise an agreed strategy to withhold funding that wouldn’t be met by an Obama veto.

Such a veto would result in at least a partial government “shutdown.”

Even though (1) Republicans  would continue to fund 99 percent of government, including all essential services and personnel, and (2) Obama’s veto would be the proximate cause of the “shutdown,” Conventional Beltway Wisdom is that Republicans would be blamed for the “shutdown.”

Media will hype stories of alleged catastrophes, disasters, and cataclysms purportedly caused by the “shutdown.”

Media will utterly ignore stories about the profound harm amnesty causes to American workers, American sovereignty, health and safety, the federal budget, and the rule of law.

Republicans know they’re wholly inept at explaining the simplest of facts to the American people and refuting media/Democrat spin.

Consequently, Conventional Beltway Wisdom holds that the “shutdown” will do extraordinary political damage to Republican election prospects for 2016.

Republicans tend to believe what they read in the Washington Post.

Republicans are, therefore, terrified of a “shutdown.”

Republicans are apparently oblivious to the fact that last year’s disastrous “shutdown” resulted in a Republican takeover of the Senate, the largest GOP majority in the House since WWII, control of two-thirds of state legislatures, and GOP governorships in super-blue Massachusetts, Maryland, and Illinois.

Republicans are similarly oblivious to the fact that Oregon voters rejected driver’s licenses for illegal aliens by a 2–1 margin.

Republicans are apparently unaware that Obama is more unpopular than at any point in his presidency and, post-Grubergate, has less credibility than Baghdad Bob.

A short-term hit in the polls in an off year is less consequential to Republican electoral prospects than the wrath of conservatives at a GOP – given a congressional majority  barely two weeks ago to, in part, thwart the lunacy emanating from the White House — that caves in its very first fight with a deeply unpopular president.

Media opprobrium in January 2015 is less consequential to Republican electoral prospects than millions of disgusted Republican voters staying at home in November 2016.

‐The amnesty-by-executive order, as reported, is an affront to the American voter, the American worker, the Constitution, and the American civic ethos.

Media will continue to trash Republicans (and fawn over Hillary in 2016) regardless of what Republicans do about amnesty.

Republicans can’t out-pander Democrats for Hispanic votes.

Country trumps individual political ambition.

Country trumps party.

Defund the damn order.

Peter Kirsanow — Peter N. Kirsanow is an attorney and a member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

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