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A Deep Breath

One of my favorite people – who I call The Rock (who is a new father — congrats & Hi, Hannah!) for his great politically (and otherwise) grounded e-mails — sends one good, calm, big-picture ones this morning:

I know it must have been a long night but I am starting the day with an up beat attitude. We have Mike Pence and John Shadegg to look forward to. I heard Larry Kudlow on Laura Ingraham this morning and he calmed me down a bit.

Pelosi is going to have a very hard time holding her caucus together. Why in the world would someone like Heath Shuler rubber stamp what those lunatics in the leadership want? I think the President has an opening with some of these moderates. So I am not really worried about economic issues. [I take this point about lunatics — or at least I want to — on the war, too. We have a lot of work to do, but … ] On the other hand I am terrified about immigration and judges. Other than that I have a beautiful daughter and the sun is shining. By the way, if these guys over reach it will destroy any chance that Hillary has in ‘08.


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A Revolt in Cuba

A Revolt in Cuba

Last month, thousands of Cubans poured into the streets, daring to protest the government that has ruled them for 60-plus years.