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The Deep Dishonesty of ObamaCare

Lurking just beneath the surface of the Democrats’ rosy health-care-reform talk is the question of cost.  Obama campaigned on the (disingenuous) line that he could deliver an enormous expansion of government services without significantly raising taxes, and his party continues to push the fantasy that the bill for their enormous spending projects will never come due.

But the simple truth is that ObamaCare, like the Democratic fiscal agenda in general, will require significant and painful tax hikes across a broad base of the American population. The question is how long Democrats can get away with pretending this isn’t so. There is evidence that people are starting to catch on, as in this Washington Post editorial today (pointed out to me by a press release from Heritage):

[T]here is no case to be made for the House Democratic majority’s proposal to fund health-care legislation through an ad hoc income tax surcharge for top-earning households. . . . There is simply no way to close the gap by taxing a handful of high earners. . . . Pretending that “the rich” alone can fund government, let alone the kind of activist government that the president and Congress envision, is bad policy any way you look at it.

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