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Deep in the Heart of Texas!

From  a reader:


I just now read your post regarding the Chicago Tribune, and their use of

your column.  However, I noticed in recent weeks that your column has been

appearing regularly in the pages of my hometown paper, along with the likes

of Cal Thomas and George Will, as well as Maureen Dowd and Molly Ivins

(booo, hissss).  It has appeared enough to lead me to believe that you’re a

permanent fixture now.  Therefore, where are the kudos to our beloved

Star-Telegram (“startlegram” to the locals)?

Buddy [Last Name Withheld] 

Fortworth Texas 

Me: Right here Buddy! Thank you  Star-Telegram! If you like seeing my column there or anywhere else, please let the editors know. And, if you hate it, feel free to tell them that too.

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