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A Deep Truth (Maybe)

Talking to a friend some years ago — a political sage — I said, “This may be hard to explain, but it’s something I sort of feel: Tell me where a candidate stands on Israel and abortion, and you’ve told me all I need to know.” My friend replied — perhaps he was humoring me, but I doubt it — “That’s a deep truth.”

I thought of this last night when reading a post from Bob Costa: wherein I learned that Sarah Palin, when talking with Rand Paul during primary season last year, brought up two issues: Israel and abortion.

I know the cool people hate her, or have little use for her. Which makes me, happy to say, so very uncool.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: A reader writes to tell me that, if I had read more closely, it was Paul, not Palin, who brought up abortion. (Palin had brought up Israel.) The reader was none too nice about it — in the way of many correspondents — but he was quite right. Oh, well. I still think a deep truth is at work, or may be (and that I am still uncool).

Signing off! Gotta work.


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