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On Defending Saddam

An Iraqi blogger on Jordanian lawyers volunteering to to defend the Butcher of Baghdad:

It was announced today that 600 Jordanian Lawyers have volunteered to defend Saddam Hussain. So it is SH that needs defending, the poor guy. These people know more than anybody else the crimes and atrocities and the damage, which this maniac has caused. They know that much better than any westerner. They know more than anybody else about the mass graves, the torture and mayhem. They know, and they don’t care. In fact they seem to sympathize with what has been done to the Iraqi people.

What can we say? Iraqis will not easily forget this. Sympathizers of the most notorious serial mass murderer of our people in history, we shall not forget. You are his partners in crime. We shall not forget. You will pay dearly, be sure of that. You send your murderers to bomb our streets and school children and trying to deny us normal life. Watch out, retribution will come.

And some imbeciles talk to us about Pan Arabism and such like nonsense. Go have your head examined, simpletons.