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Defending Women and Children, with Reservation

NOW, of course, didn’t just complain about Letterman, they play a little moral equivalence — bring on el Rushbo — because they can’t really stand Sarah Palin. Similarly, Bonnie Erbe can’t just say Playboy had an outrageous feature on conservative women. She needs “caveats”:

First, I probably disagree politically with much of’s agenda–I know I disagree completely with the group’s position on abortion rights. But as a nonpartisan, I’m also a firm believer in supporting all members of my gender when attacked due to their gender. I am supporting these women herewith.

I also want to note that at least one woman on the list is so venom-spewing, she unfortunately invites venom to be shot back at her: Michelle Malkin. Her posts and her “routine” are so venomous and predictable, in fact, I stopped paying attention to her years ago.

Others on the list, however, are not venom-spewing at all. One woman mentioned on the atlasshrugs2000 blog is a regular guest on my PBS show. Amanda Carpenter, on the show at least, eschews personal judgment of people with whom she disagrees politically. So her inclusion on the Playboy list is much more offensive to me than is the inclusion of Ms. Malkin, although their political views may not differ greatly.


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