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Defending Wright — or not

I don’t know if Donna Brazile is still defending Wright as a moderate black preacher. But the great irony — and even tragedy — of this drama at what was going to be our post-racial moment — is that all sorts of black people who are media figures or political professionals will now feel compelled to publicly define the nature of their personal black identities in relation to Wright. Whether they regard him as moderate or extreme, an insane ego-monster or a religious leader willing to “speak truth to power,” becomes an issue. For them, and for the rest of us. I am always happy to see hyphenated Americans (of my own and other ethnic groups) choose to be mainstream Americans first. But in a minute I am going into another room to watch TV, where I will inevitably see a large number of black men and women, who have accomplished this or that, as guests on shows where they must defend or denounce Wright. The media circus doesn’t always serve our culture well.


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