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In Defense of Cato the Younger

From a reader:



I thoroughly enjoyed your reader’s commentary on the Toga, but took great umbrage at the notion that Cato the Younger was a pretentious git. Far from it. Cato was a stout defender of the Republican ideal at a time when many saw fit to hand over all power to Caesar. Sure, Cato had his flaws, like his contempt for the vile plebs, but who among us finds the plebs so damn appealing? Apart from their use as a mob to rape the aristocracy, that is. Anyway, Cato was a champion of Republicanism and liberty at a time when such ideas were growing unpopular. Perhaps it’s best not to slander him when we have a would-be Caesar (though lacking all of Julius’s accomplishments) running our own sickly republic…


Please keep me anonymous if you find my comments worthy of posting. Thank you for entertaining me daily and for your excellent book.


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