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In Defense of Marriage?

Another porn-in-the-military e-mail:

I have been in the U.S. Navy since 1988 and I wholeheartedly agree that pornography should be banned from military exchanges.  There is no reason for it to be there, as it is widely available elsewhere for those who want it.  The military continually tells us that they care about military families and that fostering stable family lives helps personnel to better cope with the stress of long deployments.   Peddling pornography does not square with the pro-family message. 

The military is hard enough on families.  We deploy personnel away from their families for months/years at a time and we station members of the opposite sex together in units, while their wives and husbands sit at home and wonder what is going on.  As a Navy Officer, I did a Mediterranean cruise back in ’93.  When we returned from that deployment, four of the sixteen sailors in our small department (16 in all) filed for divorce from their wives, due to things that had happened while they were gone.  And that was before women served on ships, I can just imagine what goes on now. 

Deployments are unavoidable, as is (unfortunately), deploying men and women together and housing them in close quarters during times of extreme stress.  It may be a small gesture, but refusing to sell products that unquestionably undermine marriage, is something the military should do.