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In Defense of Sean Hannity

No, Harry Reid’s not on the attack — it’s Maggie Gallagher (see Web Briefing)!

That’s overdramatizing it (a lot), but Maggie criticized Sean in her column today for being critical of James Dobson on 2008. While Hannity is obviously friendly to Rudy, he’s been fair to more than Rudy — last week I heard him give the best one-sentence case for every plausible Republican nominee.

Rudy as nominee is going to be a problem for a pro-life party — and I obviously encourage people to figure out a solution to that (he either won’t be the nominee and someone pro-life will be or Rudy will have to try to solve the problem by teaming up with a pro-lifer with some gravitas –and the promise of a bit of a domestic portfolio – as his veep) but Sean’s bottom line is a worthwhile one to bear in mind as friends get hot and angry in 2007: Most of us are going to be uniting behind one of these guys a few months down the road.

Hillary must be stopped.

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