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“Defining God”

A few emails on the whole defining God thing. The last emailer makes a good point about the word “creature” but then again that’s the point of the dilemma, you don’t know whether the “being” is a creature or the Creator. For the record, I agree that God defines you and not the other way around. The problem of course is coming up with a definition for That Which Defines Us. Some people and some religions can give themselves over to the mystery, contenting themselves with the un-definability of God. But even they must come up with some way of understanding what they don’t understand, if you understand what I’m saying and by that point we are way deep into semantics.

Hey, it’s late. Anyway, I am not looking to launch a big philosophical comparative religion debate here, in part simply because I won’t be around much tomorrow to read the email, I’m not particularly qualified, and this Euthrypo thing has gone on long enough. Anyway, the emails:


On the off-chance you and your dad aren’t aware already, I think the definitive work on the subject (and specifically the tenth trial of Abraham) is Kierkegaard’s “Fear and Trembling.” If you haven’t read it, I can’t recommend it enough. Also notable, but derivative and less comprehensible, is Derrida’s “The Gift of Death,” which is Derrida’s rehash of Kierkegaard. It is pretty funny, if you are so inclined to think Derrida is unintentionally hilarious, which I am.


Not to be snotty, but truthful. . .

The “saving grace” of Christianity is that we _trust_ God at every turn.

One can find out if God is good or not. Just trust Him and find out.


In this universe, God defines you! The word “creature” is a singularly

inappropriate description what he is. “Thing” would be better in your

context. “Person” would be even better.. Creatures are created by a

creator. Hope this helps.

It’s good of you to put up with us maniacal Christians, btw. We really

do appreciate it.


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