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Delayed Easter Letter

From a US soldier stationed in Baghdad, whose mother is a friend of mine:

Dear Family and Friends,

I meant to send you out an Easter letter but events have not allowed me as much leisure as I would hope for. This is a polite way of saying that events have us tied by a rope to the back of a car and are driving much faster than any of us can run. So we are dragging a bit.

On a personal note, I watched Full Metal Jacket the other night. It turned out not to be just the film to take my mind away from a difficult situation in which the US is fighting for Democracy among an Asian people who have no use for it whatsoever.

A few things that have not been widely circulated are:

+ We are told that our food supplies are down to 6-days of food left in the Green Zone. Of those 6 days, after tomorrow, it will be MREs. Water is about the same.

On a positive note, there’s plenty of beer, girl-scout cookies and sour skittles about.

+ 82 convoys have been hit in the past 10 days. 200 civilian contactor truck drivers have quit their jobs to go home.


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