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“Delonas” Cartoon

Whoops, sorry, Tim. You are right, it’s not a Delonas, though it might well

have been. Encouraging to be reminded, anyway, how many excellent

conservative editorial cartoonists there are. Why should the Devil have all

the best cartoons?

In re Sean Delonas, I got this rather surprising e-mail from a reader:

“Derb—I sat across from Sean Delonas’ office for four years at the NY Post

and I can confirm he is one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet.

Very few people know that he painted the altar mural at the rebuilt Church

of St. Agnes on W. 43rd Street in Manhattan. I recall going to Mass there in the late

1990’s and he would be up there, like Charlton Heston in ‘The Agony and

Ecstasy,’ painting during the service. I went up to him after Mass once

while he wasn’t looking and asked, ‘When will you make an end?’ Without

missing a beat, he turned and said, ‘When I’m finished.’

“Actually, a number of the ’saints’ on the wall are actually NY Post editors

and reporters. Would love to point them out to you sometime.”


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