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Delong Went to Defense Before Detail

Last week U. Cal. economics professor Brad DeLong issued a challenge to Bush supporters on his website. Recalling a March 2003 letter signed by hundreds of economists who “supported Bush’s economic policy,” DeLong asked if there are any Bushies left who still support it now, almost a year later. DeLong hoped to give the impression that conservative economists (perhaps only outside of NRO’s Larry Kudlow) have suddenly abandoned Bush’s economic policy — his proof being that they hadn’t responded en masse to his challenge. NRO Financial’s Don Luskin, however, did respond — saying the staunch pro-tax-cut stance of the administration still makes him a believer. But since Luskin did not voice support of other Bush economic issues (such as spending and budgetary concerns), DeLong wrote that “Not even Donald Luskin will sign on to the Bush budget plan proposed last week.” Luskin, in today’s Krugman Truth Squad, says DeLong is guilty of yet another transparently fraudulent liberal stunt. Read all about it.


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