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Dem Debate–Some Belated Reactions

I’ve tried not to let the post-game commentary get in the way of my impressions as of last night, which were: Hillary was very good, smooth and commanding at times. She is the only Democrat in the field who seems to care about reaching an audience beyond the base of the Democratic party. Yes, her laughs often seemed force, but I didn’t find her particularly off-putting. Her whole demeanor says adult. I thought she won. Obama presented very well–but, man, does he look young! I expected Edwards’s aggressiveness to play well in the after-the-fact coverage, but ultimately I don’t think his “truth cop for the rest of the field” role is very appealing or presidential. Hillary must have been delighted at the smackdowns between him and Obama, and you could almost imagine her ducking to get out of the way. I felt as warm toward Biden as I ever have–the last responsible Democrat in the presidential field?–and was appalled at Bill Richardson’s utter inability to answer why he cares so much about stopping genocide in Darfur but not–prospectively–in Iraq.