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Dem Echoes Obama’s ‘Bitter Clingers’ Line in Push for Gun Control

Representative Steve Cohen (D., Tenn.) seemed to echo President Obama’s infamous remark about opponents “cling[ing] to guns and religion” in his explanation of why more gun-control legislation hasn’t been enacted. “It is guns and the Bible,” Cohen said.

“I think their guns are right there next to their Bibles,” he said on MSNBC on Wednesday afternoon. “I’m not sure which they find more important to them.”

Cohen was then asked about the president’s controversial remarks during the 2008 presidential campaign about rural Americans who “cling to guns or religion,” and the representative agreed with Obama’s assessment: “It’s been that way for a while.”

Cohen drew criticism earlier this week for tweeting a cartoon implicating the National Rifle Association for Monday’s Navy Yard shooting.


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