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Dem Rep: Obamacare Fight Is Our Gettysburg

Jim McDermott urged President Obama and fellow Democrats to fight for Obamacare with the same muster as the soldiers in Gettysburg, comparing the law’s opponents to the Confederate South.

“This is Gettysburg, this is the big battle,” the Washington representative said on C-SPAN yesterday. “After this, the Civil War, it was pretty much downhill for the South.”

“That’s really what’s happening here for the forces against Obamacare,” he added. He suggested that Republicans oppose the law because voters will learn to like it so much that they “will never want to elect a Republican again.”

McDermott’s rallying cry comes on the heels of comments he made earlier in the morning in which he blamed the White House for being “terribly inefficient in dealing with the promotion of their bill” in the past. He vowed congressional Democrats were “going to make every effort we can to keep the president’s spine is made out of steel.”

Via CNS News.


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