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Dem Sen: Nope, Won’t Have Time to Read Entire Amendment

Democratic senator Ben Cardin admitted that he won’t be able to get through all of the Corker-Hoeven amendment, though the Senate is set to vote on it Monday afternoon. The bill, which runs nearly 1,200 pages, is seen as a virtual rewrite of the Gang of Eight’s legislation, aimed at strengthening border security measures to bring more Republicans on board.

“I can’t tell you I’ll read every word,” Cardin said over the weekend. The Maryland senator added that he “already read a great part of the bill,” and will “closely scruntinze” any changes to border security.

The amendment was introduced on Friday, and senate majority leader Harry Reid promptly scheduled a vote for Monday, a move that drew criticism from the bill’s critics. The text of the amendment comes out to 1,187 pages, but one of the amendment’s co-authors, Tennessee senator Bob Corker, claims only 119 of the pages amount to new legislation.


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