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Dem Senator Endorses Michael Moore

The Moorification of the Democrats continues. This is not only bad on the merits, but will come back to bite them politically. From David Asman show (rough transcript):

MARY LANDRIEU: Well, first of all, talk about security. Let me talk about the movie. If there’s any senator or any person that takes issue with

anything in that movie, they should lay their cards on the table. So far

that movie’s been out for several weeks has grossed more money than

almost any documentary in the history and I haven’t seen one credible

criticism that can’t be backed up with a fact so that’s that on the


ASMAN: Let me stop you there. You are saying there is nothing in the film that has not been criticized factually?

LANDRIEU: I am saying the last film out there and it’s been out there

for three weeks there is not one criticism of that film that hasn’t been

backed up substantially because of the fact checks….”

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