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DeMint on the Obama Speech

The statement from his office:

“The President made it absolutely clear today that Democrats will cling bitterly to deficit spending until our nation is bankrupt. After offering an unserious budget just a few months ago, the President offered new platitudes but the same old policies. He’s still pushing for trillion dollar tax increases that would destroy jobs and cripple our economy. He still wants to add trillions in new spending to our $14 trillion mountain of debt without a credible plan to ever balance the budget. This failed tax & spend Democrat agenda stands in stark contrast to the serious and detailed plans that Republicans have offered to save entitlement programs before they go bankrupt, cut wasteful Washington spending, and reform our tax code so our economy can grow and create jobs. The President admitted we have a spending problem, but his solution is always the same: spend more, tax more, borrow more. Americans have rejected this failed Democrat spending agenda, and Republicans will continue to lead the way back to American prosperity.”

“Every Senate Republican supports a balanced budget amendment that would end our dependence on foreign borrowing by lowering spending, not raising taxes. I will join with Republican colleagues to demand passage of the balanced budget amendment before a vote to raise our debt ceiling. The balanced budget amendment is the only way to force President Obama and Democrats to stop the rhetoric and get serious about tackling our out of control spending and debt.”


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