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DeMint, Pence Argue for Permanent Tax Cuts

On Sean Hannity’s radio show this afternoon, Sen. Jim DeMint (R., S.C.) and Rep. Mike Pence (R., Indiana) said they hoped that the Pence-DeMint bill, which would extend all the Bush tax cuts permanently, would receive an up or down vote in both the House and Senate.

On the Obama-GOP tax compromise, DeMint said, “I know our leadership probably did make the best deal they could,” but added that “we cannot continue to pass bills that add to the deficit,” and that because of that, he “would not support the current bill.”

Pence also expressed dismay over the compromise, saying that businesses needed “long-term security” and said the legislation was “massive spending, temporary tax relief.” Asked whether he would vote for the compromise, Pence said, “I haven’t made a final decision, but I’m not impressed.”

Discussing the White House’s recent comments about how tax cuts promoted economic growth, Pence dryly noted that “it sounds like the administration is [full of] born-again supply siders.”

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