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CAUGHT RED-HANDED: Democratic Pollster Asks Union Leaders to Lie to Their Members (VIDEO)

Project Veritas strikes again with important undercover work exposing the election corruption of Democrats in yet another area. In this undercover video, Democratic pollster Celinda Lake is caught asking union leaders to lie to their members. 

Lake was asked by Communications Workers of America (CWA) to conduct some polling. What she delivered in her results was corruption in action. 

In the first portion of the video, Lake mentions that Democrats are struggling to hold independent voters this season. In the second portion, speaking to what appears to be a variety of unions, she goes over the results of polling her firm did – without knowing an undercover reporter from Project Veritas was there. 

She tells them that “Democrats are in trouble” on the economy and then blatantly tells them to lie, saying, “You might lie to them about whether someone is really good on guns or something like that. You might lie to them about . . .”

Then Teamsters legislative representative Michael Dolan interrupts her to say, “Oh no, we do.” 

You can’t trust the Democrats — or the Unions — to be honest. What else have they lied to voters about? 


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