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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Declines to Preach Unity at the DNC

“I hereby second the nomination of Senator Bernard Sanders for president of the United States of America.” Those were the only words that mattered in New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks at the Democratic National Convention. Notably, Joe Biden, the man who will appear on the ballot in November as the Democratic nominee, did not merit a mention. It seems odd that Ocasio-Cortez — who lamented that she would only have a minute to speak at the convention — decided not to be a part of the push for party unity at the DNC.

While she’s already thrown her support behind Biden, it’s hard to take her speech, which was dedicated to a word salad that stood in for the Sanders agenda, as anything but a message that she doesn’t plan on staying quiet in a potential Biden administration. Instead, she may become a thorn in his and House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s side, both of whom embrace a more practical approach to politics. Time will tell if Ocasio-Cortez will be able to assemble a red rose, or progressive caucus that can effectively move the party to the left. If so, the results of a similar effort in the GOP conference indicate that Biden and Pelosi could find governing more difficult than they anticipate, even if the Democrats retake the Senate.


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