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Democrats’ Abortion Priority

The Democrats are kicking off their convention highlighting the issue they apparently deem most important to voters: abortion.

Never mind that the number of Americans who favor legal abortion is at a historic low, one-third of Democrats are pro-life, and voters consistently rank abortion on the bottom of their priority list.

Tonight’s lineup at the DNC includes the president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, the head of Planned Parenthood, the mother of the Department of Health and Human Services mandate, Kathleen Sebelius, several prominent pro-choice female policy makers, and not one, but two, videos on female “reproductive rights.” The message is clear: Democrats think the way to a woman’s heart, and her vote, is through doing away with the rights of the unborn.

What about addressing the fact that the average American household’s net worth is down 40 percent or the fact that a report released today found food-stamp use surging? The last four years have made clear they have no good answers on that front, so they’ll do what they do best: Drive radical social policy through endless regulation.

The country is every day more pro-life, but our president is the most extreme pro-abortion president in American history, infamously voting against a bill that would provide medical care to babies that were victims of botched abortions. And he is not even hiding the fact that he is building his reelection campaign on the assumption that women only care about abortion and share his party’s extreme take on the issue.

Democrats will continue their waist-down politicking this week. Women should be insulted. We deserve better than this, and our innocent unborn surely do.

— Ashley E. McGuire is editor-in-chief of AltCatholicah and a Senior Fellow with The Catholic Association

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