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Democrats Attack Rob Andrews

They want him out of the Jersey Senate primary, according to Roll Call:

Rep. Robert Andrews’s fellow Garden State Democratic House Members called upon the South Jersey Congressman to end his day-old Senate bid in a joint statement this morning, adding that his primary challenge to Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D) is neither realistic nor helpful to Democratic goals in the state.

I don’t see what they’re complaining about. It’s not like a Republican is going to swoop in and take this seat. The Democrats’ joint statement includes the following:

“Our Party’s nominating process is open and fair. Yet, it was only in this past week the Congressman took any action whatsoever to pursue the seat and renounce his earlier promise. … Congressman Andrews’ end-run around the Democratic party’s open nominating process is both outrageous and unacceptable.”

Now, how to read this without thinking back to the seedy process by which Lautenberg was revived and plunked into Bob Torricelli’s Senate seat at the last second back in 2002?

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