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Democrats Betray Their Feelings on Abortion

Leave it to an MSNBC personality to get the Democratic party’s abortion day off to a classy start. This morning, Touré, co-host of The Cycle, tweets:

This is a long way from “safe, legal, and rare.” This is an enthusiasm for radicalism. This is a sick culture where life itself has lost its value.

I’d like to think Touré doesn’t know what he is doing here. Forty years into the abandonment of our most innocent, the mask of privacy and freedom has obscured the reality the culture of death we’ve embraced. But if this day continues as it has begun, the Democrats may encounter an electorate that cannot look away from the reality: the human-rights scandal that is these last four decades.

The Department of Health and Human Services abortion-inducing drug, sterilization, and contraception mandate issued by this administration betrays their radicalism — a worldview where feminist ideology trumps religious liberty and the democratic process — and the more attention they bring to that radicalism, and the more enthusiasm there is for it in their midst, the more Romney-Ryan appeals to the conscience of a nation. 

Last week, Touré explained that he found Paul Ryan’s contention that “our rights come from God and nature” “offensive.”

I suppose I should find the honesty refreshing. Obama-administration surrogates may prove a great unintentional education on the mindset behind their radical policies on religious liberty and life. 


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