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Krauthammer’s Take: What Else Are the Democrats Going to Do, Besides Call the Election Rigged?

Charles Krauthammer said that Democrats will continue to harp on James Comey and try to diminish Trump because they have been decimated electorally:

I don’t know whether it’s actually orchestrated, that this is all scripted or one at a time, with John Lewis being sort of the conscience of the Democratic party, speaking and being the one to kick off the idea. But this is a lot of coincidences at once. Look, the Democrats had this period of about a month and a half where they were so stunned by their loss, probably the most surprising in our lifetime, that they were literally speechless. Now they seem to have found a way to deal with it, which is to say it was a stolen election. They start with Putin, and that’s the idea of having this entire probe, Obama demanding a report before he leaves office, obviously to put it on the table, and now all of a sudden the IG [Inspector General] wants to look into what Comey did. Comey clearly is anathema to both sides. Whether he has a political agenda or not, he made one mistake after another.

The Democrats want to have at least two reasons outside of themselves to say why it was a rigged election, which, of course, is highly ironic, as that was the Trump charge during the campaign. And this is a part of it: That IG story, that there will be hearings on Comey — we will rehash all this again and again. And for the Democrats, that’s their way of diminishing Trump from the beginning. I’m not sure it’s going to work. I don’t think it’s going to work. I think people have a sense that you win the election — the Electoral College was a pretty wide margin — you get sworn in, and that’s it. But what else are the Democrats going to do? They have been decimated.

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