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Democrats’ Financial Hypocrisy

While President Obama is out campaigning against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its utterly fictitious cabal of shady foreign donors, Chuck Schumer (D., Wall Street) is out there channeling Wall Street money to Democrats around the country — by the millions.

And who is the big money behind the big money Schumer is shunting into Democrats’ campaign coffers? Here are the top contributors, via

  1. Paulson & Co.

  2. Paul, Weiss et al.

  3. Weitz & Luxenberg

  4. Schulte, Roth & Fragomen

  5. Del Rey et al.

  6. Credit Suisse Group

  7. Ernst & Young

  8. Renaissance Technologies

  9. Blackstone Group

  10. Sullivan & Cromwell

  11. Kasowitz, Benson et al.

  12. New York Life Insurance

  13. Cantor Fitzgerald

  14. Lockheed Martin

  15. Clearing Corp

  16. Corning Inc.

  17. York Capital Management

  18. Lightyear Capital

  19. Rudin Management

  20. Boies, Schiller & Flexner

Schumer’s biggest donors by industry: Wall Street, law firms, real estate, and miscellaneous finance.

Schumer is also doling out money from his Leadership PAC. Its top donors: AFLAC, the American Federation of Teachers, the Investment Co. Institute, and New York Life Insurance. Again, mostly Wall Street money.

Who says the Wall Street Democrats have been abandoned by the fat cats? Seven out of ten of Goldman Sachs’s top recipients this time around are Democrats, the majority of the candidates it is supporting in House races are Democrats (69–57), and a large majority of the candidates it is supporting in Senate races are Democrats (22–13).

Also, top recipient of BP money in 2009–10? Barack Obama.

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