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Democrats, Id and Science

Roger Pielke Jr has the figures from a poll that found significant support for intelligent design among Democrats. I heartily endorse his conclusion:

These data support the thesis that there is more going on in contemporary politics of science than one political party, or even its most ideological elements (and feel free to place Democratic or Republican parties wherever you’d like in this statement depending on your predilections), seeking to undercut science and the other political party rising to its defense. It really makes for a good story, but it’s too bad that it is just not true. It may be that discussions of science policy/science politics are becoming Ann Colter-ized [sic] and Michael Moore-ized, which I suppose would be the ultimate result of partisan ideologues waging their wars via the politicization of science.

All the recent science wars stem from the mistaken belief that science can drive policy decisions. It can’t. It can only inform them. The sooner people realize that science never tells us we must do anything, the easier it will be to depoliticize science and descientize politics. That will be better for meaningful debate in both spheres.

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