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Democrats Propose Department of Peacebuilding

House Democrats, led by Representative Barbara Lee (D., Calif.), have proposed the creation of the Department of Peacebuilding. The DOP would be an executive-level department “dedicated to peacebuilding, peacemaking, and the study and promotion of conditions conducive to both domestic and international peace and a culture of peace.”

Representative Lee explained the rationale for her bill in a press release last week: “We invest hundreds of billions each year in the Pentagon, in war colleges, military academies, and our national defense universities all to develop war tactics and strategies. Now we need that kind of investment in peace and nonviolence here at home.”

The Department of Peace would have its own Peace Academy modeled on West Point and the other military academies, which would provide a four-year education in peace. The DOP would also be responsible for everything from stopping bullying in schools to declaring “peace days” in America to “encourage citizens to observe and celebrate the blessings of peace.” No need to worry over the nation’s increasing debt; the graduates of the Department of Peacebuilding will make sure our transition into penury will be peaceful.


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