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Dempsey Warns ‘Disappointed’ Iraq War Vets Of Possible Military Action

General Martin Dempsey wrote a note to Iraq war veterans frustrated to see terrorists threatening to overthrow the government established after the United States overthrew dictator Saddam Hussein, in which he emphasized that the current instability doesn’t diminish their accomplishment and says the military might take further action.

“I’m proud of what we, along with our Iraqi and coalition partners accomplished. We provided the Iraqi people an historic opportunity for a better future. Nothing will diminish that accomplishment,” Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote in a note released by the Defense Department. “Like many of you, I was disappointed at how quickly the situation in Iraq deteriorated as well as the rapid collapse of many Iraqi units.”

Dempsey said the violence is “part of a broader, regional struggle that extends from Baghdad to Beirut to Damascus,” adding that Iraq’s political leaders exacerbated the problem.

The note ended with a warning. “The path forward will not be easy,” Dempsey wrote. ”And, as always, we in the military are preparing options for the President to consider in addressing the emerging threats there.”

On Wednesday, Dempsey told Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) that the terrorists had “partnered” with dictator Saddam Hussein’s old party. “I suspect its a partnership of convenience and there’s probably an opportunity to separate them,” he said.


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