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Dems to Black Voters: You’re Idiots. Vote for Us

Democrat campaigns across the country are, once again, engaging in race-bating. This occurs every election cycle–usually under the radar of the mainstream media. This year’s version contains impressive historical and linguistic jiu-jitsu designed to stoke fear and loathing in an otherwise unmotivated black electorate:

The party that opposed the Emancipation Proclamation, the Thirteenth Amendment, and the Fourteenth Amendment is (according to the New York Times) distributing flyers in black communities throughout North Carolina suggesting Republicans support gun laws that specifically result in blacks getting killed.

The party that opposed the Fifteenth Amendment guaranteeing voting rights and that instituted black codes, poll taxes, and literacy tests is running ads claiming that voter-ID requirements are a Republican plot to prevent blacks from voting.

The party that filibustered or otherwise opposed more than a dozen anti-lynching bills during the 20th century is trying to turn out black voters by distributing flyers depicting a lynching and suggesting more Fergusons will spring from not voting for Democrats.

A senator belonging to the party of Bull Connor, George Wallace, Lester Maddox, and Orval Faubus contends that Lousiana voters reject Democrats because the voters are racist and sexist.

The party that has promoted policies contributing to the disintegration of the black family– resulting in 73 percent of black children being born into single parent (and, thus, usually poor) households — suggests voting Republican results in cute little black kids remaining poor and oppressed.

The party that encourages and promotes massive illegal immigration — a phenomenon that drives down black wages and has caused hundreds of thousands of low-skilled blacks to be thrown out of work — runs radio spots claiming Republicans want to keep blacks from earning a decent living.

Senator Barack Obama once sponsored a bill titled the “Voter Intimidation and Deceptive Practices Act,” the ostensible purpose of which was to prevent voters from being misled by false and deceptive campaign tactics. Presumably, then, Senator Obama would oppose the tactics described above, for they’re not merely deceptive, they’re despicable.