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Dems Caught in the Act

Throughout the country, accusations have flown that Democratic operatives have secretly been backing faux tea party candidates in an effort to siphon away votes from Republican challengers. A South Jersey newspaper delivers the goods on just such an effort in New Jersey’s Third Congressional race. The Courier Post reports that campaign and legislative staff from Democratic Congressman John Adler, assisted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, have concocted a plan to siphon off votes from Republican challenger, former Philadelphia Eagle offensive lineman, Jon Runyan. Dems have recruited and collected enough signatures (apparently they only needed 100) to get an unknown Mount Laurel picture framer on the ballot as the “New Jersey tea party” candidate. The paper reports that the goal of the plan was to confuse voters and siphon off about 5 percent of Runyan’s support, enough to preserve the seat in a tight race.    


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