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Dems Keep Focused on Rush

Kaine Statement: Steele Apology to Rush Limbaugh Proves the Point:

Limbaugh is Leading Force behind Republican Party


Washington, DC – On the same day GOP Chairman Michael Steele apologized

to conservative talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh for courageously

challenging Limbaugh’s role as leader of the Republican Party calling

his show “incendiary” and “ugly,” Governor Tim Kaine, chairman of the

Democratic National Committee, issued the following statement calling on

Republicans in Washington to stop following Rush Limbaugh’s lead:


“I was briefly encouraged by the courageous comments made my counterpart

in the Republican Party over the weekend challenging Rush Limbaugh as

the leader of the Republican Party and referring to his show as

‘incendiary’ and ‘ugly.’  However, Chairman Steele’s reversal this

evening and his apology to Limbaugh proves the unfortunate point that

Limbaugh is the leading force behind the Republican Party, its politics

and its obstruction of President Obama’s agenda in Washington.  Just

this weekend, Rush Limbaugh repeated his claim that he is rooting for

the President to fail.  The last time Rush Limbaugh said he wanted the

President to fail, virtually every single Republican in Congress

followed his lead and voted against the President’s plan to create or

save 3.5 million jobs.


“As Congress works to pass the President’s budget, Republicans need to

stop following divisive figures like Rush Limbaugh, stop apologizing to

him and put aside the failed politics of the past so we can put our

economy back on track, reform our health care system, break our

dependence on foreign oil, improve our schools, and lay the foundation

for long-term growth in the 21st Century.”