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Dems Push for Ever-Higher Taxes in Connecticut, Already One of the Most-Taxed States

The state that ranks 50th in so many economic categories finds itself on the brink of further misery, courtesy of a $750 million tax-hike agreement between Governor Dan Malloy, a hardcore leftist (who ran for reelection in 2014 promising to oppose any tax hikes), in cahoots with equally hardcore Democrats who control the state legislature. Allegedly a tax-the-rich scheme, it also slams middle-class residents. There should be votes in Hartford tonight to swipe the last cans of Who Hash from Nutmeg State voters.

Explaining what is breaking as of this afternoon is conservative state senator Joe Markley (who wrote this recent sizzling NR critique of Malloy’s arrogance and by-spleen governance):

Listen and learn. Act or suffer.


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