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Dems in Retreat from Conn. Anti-Catholic Bill; GOP Lawmakers Launch Strategic Counterattack

Every once in a while Republicans can make Democrats regret their over-stepping arrogance. This just in from the Darien Times:

Outrage from area Catholics against a proposed state law that would strip bishops and parish pastors of their financial authority, the state Senate bill was withdrawn from consideration Tuesday.

But despite that, state Senate and House Republicans are going forward with a hearing on the bill, which would have made it possible for parishioners to govern their parishes administratively and financially without submitting to the authority of the pastor or bishop. The bill specified, however, that the authority of the bishop or pastor in matters of related to religious tenets or practices remains intact. . . .

The Senate Republican Caucus unanimously opposes the bill but plans to still hear from the public. “In an effort to give the people who have contacted us an opportunity to express their concerns with this bill, many of which we share, the members of the House and Senate Republican Offices will be going forward tomorrow with an informational hearing on this bill starting at noon,” state Rep. John Frey of Ridgefield said in an e-mail sent Tuesday afternoon. The hearing will be held in room 2C of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford and overflow rooms will be available. 

Sign-up for the hearing will begin at 9:30, Frey said. “We will hear from Church officials first and then open it up for public comment. We are inviting anyone who has contacted us on this bill so we can let them know they can be heard on this issue tomorrow. We will also be inviting our Democrat colleagues to join us.”

BTW, before the GOP announced the petard-hoisting, Gov. Jodi Rell had piled on when Dem leaders (Sen. Andrew McDonald and Rep. Mike Lawlor) first announced they were cancelling the bill’s formal hearing before the Judiciary Committee (she gets an A for effort): “The co-chairs absolutely made the right decision by cancelling the public hearing on the bill. This proposal was blatantly unconstitutional, insensitive and inappropriate.”


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