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Dems Smear Mourdock In Ad

Here’s the script for a DSCC ad out today on Indiana Republican Richard Mourdock:

Mourdock:  Even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that God intended to happen.

Narrator:  God intended that a woman be raped and become pregnant? Even Mitt Romney and Mike Pence believe Richard Mourdock goes too far and should apologize. But not Mourdock.

Mourdock:  To me the highlight of politics frankly is to inflict my opinion on someone else. It is something that God intended to happen. 

You can clearly tell from Mourdock’s full remark (“I struggled with it, myself, for a long time, but I came to realize life is a gift from God. And even if life begins in a horrible situation of rape, it is something God intended to happen ”) that he meant the child, not the rape, was the gift from God. So that’s not fair.

And furthermore, Mourdock offered an apology to anyone who misunderstood his remarks yesterday. From the Washington Times:

“I am a much more humble person this morning because so many people mistook, twisted, came to misunderstand points that I was trying to make,” Mr. Mourdock said. “And if, because of the lack of clarity in my words, they came away with an impression other than those that I stated moments ago, that life is precious and I abhor violence and that God abhors violence and rape — if they came away with any impression other than that, I truly regret it. I apologize that they came away, and I have certainly been humbled by the fact that so many people think that that somehow was an interpretation.”


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