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Dems’ ‘Vile’ Strategy

So Mitt Romney told a Missouri reporter that he will be a president who cuts funding for Planned Parenthood. And predictably, the comment became the Left’s fundraising strategy today.

There was this that under the subject line “vile” from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:

BREAKING NEWS Mitt Romney: “Planned Parenthood, we’re going to get rid of that.”

Kathryn –


Republicans have a clear agenda for women: Defund Planned Parenthood, deny women access to health care and birth control, and even prohibit women the right to participate in the debate about women’s health care.

Grassroots Democrats around the country have united against the Republican War on Women to launch a Women’s Health Accountability Fund. Our goal is to expose the truth about Republicans’ war on women with an aggressive rapid response operation including ads, on-the-ground organizing and more.

It’s important that national Republicans and their allies like Rush Limbaugh are held accountable for their vile, outrageous, and unceasing attacks on women’s health care. We are only $19,433 away from our Women’s Health Accountability fund goal before tonight’s midnight deadline.

Please chip in $3 by midnight tonight so Democrats can launch an urgent rapid response campaign against the Republican War on Women.

Republicans in Congress thought they could silence us by refusing to let Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke testify on their all-male panel on birth control coverage.

They were wrong.

There are only hours to go before Democrats launch an urgent grassroots campaign to hold Republicans accountable for their War on Women.

Can you pitch in right now?


Rep. Diana DeGette

Co-Chair of the House Pro-Choice Caucus

P.S. While Republicans double down on their radical agenda that would restrict women’s access to reproductive health care and the right to have a seat at the table to discuss women’s health care, we are making sure American people know the truth. Will you join us?

And this: 

Friend –

Here’s Mitt Romney’s proposal for reducing the deficit, according to an interview he gave yesterday:

“Planned Parenthood, we’re going to get rid of that.”

That’s right, he said he’d get rid of Planned Parenthood – the more than 90-year-old organization that one in five American women has depended on for health care, and that for many women is their only option for cancer screenings, clinical breast exams, and critical preventive care. Apparently, we can’t afford it.

Here’s what he says we can afford: Protecting and expanding tax cuts for the wealthy, and “that includes the top 1 percent.”

Mitt Romney’s actually willing to cut off women’s access to health care to help fund tax benefits for millionaires and billionaires.

If you had any doubts that these attacks are real, or think they’re just a side effect from a nasty GOP primary season, consider this a reality check.

There’s one thing you can do right now — whether you’re a man or woman — to fight back against Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and every Republican in Congress who repeatedly thinks a woman’s health is their chip to barter:

Stand with the Democrats as we stand for women:



Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz


Democratic National Committee

You can watch what Romney said here. He obviously could have phrased it better, but it seems a reasonable assumption he’s talking about federal funding to the billion-dollar abortion business (as has been clarified).  How exactly would a president actually get rid of Planned Parenthood, anyway? How is that in the power of the presidency? 

It’s a reminder though: As the White House and its defenders have fabricated a “war on women,” seeking to scare, in particular, single women voters, we have to be vigilant in clarity. 


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