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Another ‘Genius of Humanity’

Denis Mukwege does pretty much the worst work in the world — but work that is necessary and blessed to do. He is a Congolese doctor. He wanted to be a pediatrician, but he saw how much women were suffering in childbirth. So he became an obstetrician and gynecologist. He thought he would devote himself to maternal care.

But his country, Congo, was hit with a rape epidemic. Rape is everywhere. Routine. Gang rape, in Congo, is normal. This is a hell on earth.

So, Dr. Mukwege switched paths, devoting himself to the care of rape victims. He does what he can for them, physically and mentally. What he sees is horrific beyond description.

At any rate, I interviewed Dr. Mukwege and profiled him in National Review. That piece is on our site today, here. Churchill called Dr. Schweitzer “a genius of humanity.” After talking with Denis Mukwege, I knew that I had met another one.

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