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Dennis Rodman to Return to North Korea

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is heading back to North Korea this summer, according to Gossip Extra. Rodman, who appeared at a charity gala in Miami beach over the weekend, told the web site that he plans to return to the communist nation on August 1 to visit with leader Kim Jong-un, adding, “We have no plans really, as far as what we’re going to do over there, but we’ll just hang and have some fun!”

Asked about the recent threats of nuclear war leveled by the North Korean leader against the United States, Rodman argued that the Soviet Union was guilty of worse. “The Russians were way out there, and they were acting on their threats,” he said. “[Kim Jong-un] just wants to be loved. He just wants to sit down and talk. That’s all.”

As North Korea celebrates the 101st birthday of founder Kim Il Sung, Un appeared in public today for the first time in two weeks. In addition to threatening the United States, the North Koreans also warned Japan that it would be the first to come under fire if a war breaks out on the Korean peninsula.


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