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Chait at TNR is outraged at the smirky title of my posting on a proposed Mexican boycott of cross-border traffic in South Texas:

Let’s be clear about the facts here. This isn’t about illegal immigrants crossing the border. It isn’t even about immigrants. It’s about Mexicans doing business with the United States. Krikorian is expressing an objection to Mexicans coming into this country for any purpose or duration of time. Kathryn Jean Lopez, this is your cue to say absolutely nothing.

Well, if he’d read the article I’d linked to, or even just the part I quoted, he’d see that the action is “a protest against Arizona’s controversial immigration law,” and that law is about, you know, illegal aliens. What’s more, their billing of it as “A Day Without Mexicans” is a specific reference to earlier (hilariously unsuccessful) attempts at a general strike, in 2006 and 2003, also intended to protest against immigration enforcement and for amnesty.

So let’s be clear about the facts here: This is an attempt by Mexican businessmen to extort amnesty for illegal aliens by holding a metaphorical gun to their own heads, since they obviously need us a lot more than we need them. I say we should call their bluff; Chait seems to be saying we should comply.


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