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Re today’s G-File, from a reader:


While I enjoy your work on NRO and National Review, your comments on

Lamisil about the toe nail fungus left me scratching my head.

I had that infection since 1999, and I finally went to the doctor about it,

after my pharmacist wife kept after me about it.He said I had the worst

case of that he had ever seen (thanks doc!) , and he prescribed Lamisil,

but he had to take a sample of the toe nail, to test it to ensure it was

real, because the does cost about $550.00. my insurance did cover it,

fortunately. I was surprised, but am glad our insurance switched to a

medical savings account this year, since I feel it gets closer to a free

market approach.

Anyway, He said the actual infection occurs where the toenails first grow,

somewhere behind where the toe nails are, and that is why it takes so long.

It took about 4 months for my nails to return to normal, but I think it was

worth it. The longest it is supposed to take is a year, but my guess is

that it is less than that for most people.

The only way it could be treated right away is for the nail to fall off,

and I had both of my large toe nails break off late last year. I only knew

because while I was getting ready for work, I noticed a trail of blood on

the floor, and I looked down and saw my nail was gone, while I was trying

to put on my sock. When they finally grew back in, they were still

infected. Only the Lamisil cured it.

So I do agree seeing it in the commercial is nasty, it is a pretty

remarkable product, and maybe one day they will have a faster cure, but it

worked for me, and I was glad it didn’t take as long.


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