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Deputy National Security Advisor: Still No Military Aid for Ukraine

With Russian troops massing on the Ukrainian border and Europe dragging its feet on the imposition of further sanctions, Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken says that America has already done quite a lot against Russia.

“What we’ve seen the president do in recent weeks and do in this week is bring the world together in support of Ukraine to isolate Russia for its actions in Ukraine and to reassure our allies in NATO and Europe,” Blinken says.

CNN’s Candy Crowley seemed wary of the Western response to Russian aggression despite Blinken’s assurances and asked, “What is there really to stop [Putin]?” Blinken responded saying that the sanctions imposed have already exacted “a real cost from Putin and in Russia in the economy.”

When asked if the United States would provide weaponry or any kind of military aid to Ukraine, as the Ukrainian government has been requesting for weeks, Blinken remained stalwartly noncommittal, delivering the same administration response repeatedly given on this matter that everything is on the table and “all of this is under review.”


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