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Derb and I Agree!

From that Darwin discussion (the NYT write-up):

The arguments have played out in recent books, magazine articles and blogs, as well as at a conference on Thursday at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. There Mr. Arnhart was grouped with John Derbyshire, a contributing editor at National Review, against John G. West and George Gilder, who both are associated with the Discovery Institute, which advocates intelligent design.

Mr. Derbyshire, who has described himself as the “designated point man” against creationists and intelligent-design proponents at National Review, later said that many conservatives were disturbed by positions taken by the religious right.

“There are plenty of people glad to call themselves conservatives,” he said, “who don’t see any reason not to support stem cell research.”

I support stem-cell research, too!

It’s just the not-proven-to-be-successful embryo-destroying kind I’m against.

And, in President Bush’s case, by the way, it’s the federally funded embryo-destroying kind he opposes — because he’s not made any moves to outlaw all embryonic-stem-cell research (something which would be pretty hard to do in a country where abortion in all three trimesters is legal).


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