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Derb Convention Report

Took a walk over to Madison Square Garden this morning, just to scope it

out. Security not too bothersome, no worse than average airport. LOTSA

media stations, nothing but in fact at a first impression. A whole corridor

of Talk Radio people yammering into mikes. A sign saying “Blogger’s Corner”

– what’s THAT all about? Shall investigate later.

Convention floor: Crowded, but nothing much going on, just political

minutiae. A fellow from Idaho on the platform, saying he is privileged to

be there. Headgear notes: A nest of ten-gallon hats, must be the Texas

delegation — no, saw one guy’s tag, it says “Colorado.” Middle-aged lady

walking around wearing a Cat in the Hat hat. Couldn’t get close enough to

ask why: reptiles* not allowed on floor.

Walked over tunnel to press area in the old Post Office building across 8th

Ave. NR booth down in 18th basement level at end of dark, fungus-slimed,

dripping corridor. Disturbed nest of bats.

Coming back along 33rd St, past MSG, where there is a ramp going down to

parking lot, suddenly there were yelling cops everywhere waving their arms.

Had to stop & wait. Motorcycle convoy appeared, went down ramp, followed by

3 or 4 big black SUVs, guys in uniform toting HUGE mean-looking weapons

peering out of windows, limos with blacked-out windows & DC plates,

something like a big black windowless U-haul, ambulance, more SUVs, more

motorcycles. This is some VIP. But who? POTUS not due till Thursday,

VPOTUS Wednesday. Rehearsal, perhaps. DC-wise NR colleague says must be

POTUS, the ambulance gives it away. Possibly doing rehearsal.

NYC too *hot*. Memo to self: dump the business attire. Dress festive.

* UK press slang for “press.”

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